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Thudarumen Prarthana (തുടരുമെൻ പ്രാർത്ഥന)

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Thudarumen Prardhana
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Lyrics/Composition: Peter Cheranalloor

F#m        D
Thudarumen prarthana
E       F#m
Yeshuve kaniyu nee
Mizhikalil yaachana
A       E        F#m
Dayayum sukhavum tharika nee

F#m           E
Nee allathoru santhwanam
D          A
Vere illajapalaka
F#m           E
Nee illathoru jeevitham
D              A
Paathi mangiya deepika
D          A        C#
Shanthiyai jeevanil nee varoo
Ini athuvare...

Thudarumen prarthana...

Nee allathoru snehithan
Koode illoru naalilum
Nee illathoru yaathrayum
Nedukilloru lakshyavum
Margamai jeevanil nee varoo
Ini athuvare...

Thudarumen prarthana...
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