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Adayalangal Kaanunnude (അടയാളങ്ങൾ കാണുന്നുണ്ടേ)

ADAYALANGAL KAANUNUNDE - Precious Jacob | Official Music Video!

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Precious Jacob

G                      D         Em
Adayalangal kaanunnude orungeetundo nee
C       G           D        Em
Maddhya vanil yeshu velippedume

G               C          G
Kahalanadam nee kelkkum mumpe
Em               C          G
Kahalanadam nee kelkkum mumpe
G            D          C         G
Pathrangalil enna vegam nirachu-kollename
Em       C          D         G
Mangunna vilakkukal theliyikkuka

Lekshangalil sundaranam en priyan vagdatham
Orkkumpol en vancha eeridunnu
Yathra-maddhye urangunna seeyeon sangkame
Yahovakkay kathirunnu shakthiye puthukkuka
Kathirikunnavarkkay priyan varunne

Adayalangal kaanunnude...
Raktham kondu veendedutha shuddhimanmarellam
Paattodum aarppodum varum seeyonil
Yeshu rajante-ethirelppil nee kaanumo
Kattu-prakkal samgamellam virunnu shala thannil
Nirayunna kazhcha ithoranadhamallo

Adayalangal kaanunnude...
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