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Ente Daivathal Ente Daivathal (എന്‍റെ ദൈവത്താൽ എന്‍റെ ദൈവത്താൽ)

Ente Daivathal | R S Vijayaraj | Samson Kottoor | Super Hit Malayalam Christian Songs

Songwriter/Composer/Translator RSV

Am        C    F         Em
Ente Daivathal Ente Daivathal
           G         C             Am
Nishchayam anugraham praapicheedum njan
            C   F            Em
Thante vachanam pole njan cheyyum
            G   C          Am
Thante vazhiyil thanne nadakkum

Am        F       D          G
Deshathil njan anugrahikkappedum
C       G       Em         Am
Joliyil njan anugrahikkappedum
             Dm      G
Ente veettil aaharam kurayukilla
C           Dm     F        Em
Aavasyangal onnume mudangukilla

Ente Daivathal Ente Daivathal...

Enne ethirkkunna shathrukkal ellam
Chinna-bhinnamayi pokum ente Daivathal
Ente aarogyam Daiva daanamallo
Enshareeravum anugrahikkappedum

Ente Daivathal Ente Daivathal...

Jeevitha pankaliyum ente makkalum
Ente sambathum anugrahikkappedum
Ente namakkayi avan samrudhi nalkum
Enne vishudha janam aakkeedum than

Ente Daivathal Ente Daivathal...

Vaaypa vangan ida varikayilla
Kodukkuvano Daivam samrudhi nalkum
Uyarcha thannae ennum praapikkum njan
Unnathangalil enne maanikkum than

Ente Daivathal Ente Daivathal...
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