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Yahovah Yireh Dadavaam Daivam (യഹോവ യിരെ ദാതാവാം ദൈവം)

Jehovah Jireh | യെഹോവ യിരെ | Sreya Anna Joseph | Nee Mathram Mathi | Cover Version | Sam Thomas |

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Samuel Varghese

        C              Cmaj7
Yahovah Jirah dadavaam daivam
    F                 G
Nee maathram mathi enikku
        C              Cmaj7
Yahowah raphah soukkya daayakan
     F                 G
than adippinaraal soukhyam
        Am              Em
Yahowah Shamma koode irikkum
       C  G       C
Nalkum en aavasyangal

    F          Dm
Nee maathram mathi
    G          C
nee maathram mathi
    F          G      C
nee maathram mathi enikku

Yahowah elohim  srishtaavam daivam
nin vachanathal ulavayellam
Yahowah Elyon athyunnathan nee
ninneppole mattarumilla
Yahowah shaalom en samaadhanam
nalki nin shaanthiyennil

    F          Dm
Nee maathram mathi
    G          C
nee maathram mathi
    F          G      Ab  Bb  C
nee maathram mathi enikku
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