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Sthuthi Geethangal Aalapikkum (സ്തുതി ഗീതങ്ങൾ ആലപിക്കും)

stuthi geethangal aaalapikum thirunama mahathuvathinayi

        E                C#m  A
Sthuthi geethangal aalapikkum
      B                E
Thiru naama mahathvathinaay

     E        D         A
Yeshuve rakshakaa ninte naamam
     E        F#m       D
Yeshuve rakshakaa ninte naamam

Sthuthi geethangal aalapikkum...

      E                  G#m
Dinam thorum nin daanangalaal
     A       B        E
Niraykkename njangale nee
     F#                A
Thiruhithamathupol nadanneeduvaanay
    B              E
Kanivekidane ninte kaarunyathaal

Sthuthi geethangal aalapikkum...

Azhal-erumee jeevithathil
Prathikoolangal eridumpol
Vazhikaattidane thunacheyyaname
Kanivodadiyangale kaathidane

Sthuthi geethangal aalapikkum...

Yeshuve rakshakaa ninte naamam...
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