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Yeshuvin Koodulla Yathra (യേശുവിൻ കൂടുള്ള യാത്ര)

Yeshuvin Koodulla Yathra | Dr. Blesson Memana | New Malayalam Worship Song [HD]

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Dr. Blesson Memana

Dm                Gm
Yeshuvin koodulla yathra
Aa marvodu chernnirunnal
Anperunna kaikalal
Dm              A
Albhutham ayi nadathidum
Dm            A
Madhuryamerum mozhikalal
     Dm          A
Than snehamennod pamku veykum
Gm            A
Ottakku vidukayilla
Gm            A
Maduthu marukayilla
Dm              A
Andhyam vare aa choodu mathi
Yeshu ente koode mathi

Irulerum rathriyil vazhi ethannariyilla
Thira uyarum yamathil theeram onnum kanilla
Dm        Am          G               Dm
Onnu njan ariyunnenne vilicha Dhaivam viswasthan
Dm         Am          G         Dm
Kanmanipol Kakkunnavan koodeyund kavalayi
         Gm            Dm
Peruvellavum thottupokume
            Gm                Dm
Yeshuvin kaikal thangi nadathume
         Bb  Am        Dm
Peruvellavum thottupokume
            Bb  Am            Dm                
Yeshuvin kaikal thangi nadathume

Yeshuvin koodulla yathra...

Oro chuvadum albhuthame
Yeshu tharum anubhavame
Nandi cholli theerkkuvan avathilla thellume
Iravilum pakalilum Yeshu ente Palakan
Veettilethuvolam enne kai vidatha Snehithan
Nithyasnehame nisthulya Snehame
Nithyathayolam nilanilkum bandhame
Nithyasnehame nisthulya Snehame
Nithyathayolam nilanilkum bandhame

Yeshuvin koodulla yathra...
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