Ninte Hitham Pole Enne (നിന്റെ ഹിതം പോലെയെന്നെ)

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#Ninte Hitham Pole Enne | Traditional Christian Song | #Cross Way TV

F       Bb   A     Gm
Ninte hitham pole enne
F         Gm   Bb     F       
Nithyam nadaththeedaname
       Gm   Bb    F
Ente hitham pole alle-
Dm       Gm A      C7
En pithaave en yahove

Impamulla jeevithavum
ere dhana-maanangngalum
thumpamata saukhyangngalum-
chodikkunnille adiyaan

Neru'nirappaam vazhiyo-
Neenda nadayo kurutho
Paaram karanjnjodunnatho-
Paarithilum bhaagyangngalo

Appane, prakaasangngalo
Enthu nee kalpichcheedunno-
Ellaam enikkaaseer-vaadam

Ethu gunamennarivaan
Illa Jnaanamennil naathhaa
Nin thirunaamam nimiththam-
Neethimaar-gaththil thirichu

Agni megha-ththoonukalaal-
Adiyaane ennum nadaththi
Anudinam koodeyirunnu-
Appane kadaakshikkuka
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