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Krushin Nizhalil (ക്രൂശിൻ നിഴലിൽ)
Krushin Nizhalil | Super Hit Christian Song | Best of Kester | Fr Shaji Thumpechirayil | The Passion

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Fr Shaji Thumpechirayil

Dm           Bb  Gm         C
Krushin nizhalil neerum murivil
      Dm    A         Gm  Dm
Manam paadi nin sthothram

Dm           Bb  Gm             C
Veezhum vazhiyil thaazhum chuzhiyil
      Dm    A      Gm  Dm
Mizhi thedi nin roopam
             C      Gm     A
Idam valavum   irul peruki
     Bb  A     Gm
Illa veroraal enne
     A     G7    Gm  Dm
Onnu thanguvan natha
     Bb  A     Gm
Illa veroraal enne
     A     G7    Gm  Dm
Onnu thanguvan natha

Krushin nizhalil...
Dm            Bb
Sion vazhiyil sneham thiranju
   C     Gm    A 
Orupaadu neeri njaan
Dm                Bb
Bhaaram chumannum rogam sahichum
      C     Gm     A
Mizhi neeru thooki njaan
       G       Gm        A
Mullil kudungi    thengi karayum
Bb    C    Gm   Dm
  Oru paavamane njaan
     G        Gm       A
Enne thirakki    thedi varuvan
Bb     C     Gm     Dm
  Priyaneshu nee maathram

Krushin nizhalil...

Nyaayam shravikkan aalillathayi
Njaan ente naavadakki
Neethi labhikkum vedhiyillathayi
Vidhiyettu vaangi njaan
Pizha nirathi tholil chumathan
Priya snehitharum chernnu
Enne kurukkan theertha kenikal
Priyan Yeshu bhedichu

Krushin nizhalil...

Veezhum vazhiyil...

Krushin nizhalil...
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