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Nischayam Zionil Ninnutharam Varum (നിശ്ചയം സിയോനിൽ നിന്നുത്തരം വരും)

Nizchayam Zionil Ninnuthram Varum | Pr. Binil Bethel | Anil Adoor | New Worship Song | ©® SB MEDIA™

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Pr. Binil Bethel

F                  Bb
Nischayam zionil ninnutharam varum
F                     C
Kashtathayal ettam thalarnnirunnalum
F        C   Gm
Neethimante anardham asamgyam
C        Bb           C         F
Ellattil ninnum yeshu kathu palikkum

F             C          F
Kannuneeril vithachidunnavan
         C          F  
Aarppode koitheduthidum
C                Bb         C
Dhaivathinay nee kaathirikkukil
Gm                C         F
Ninne uyartheedum nalu vannidum

Nischayam zionil ninnutharam...

Sandhyayingal varum kannuneerukal
Aanandhamay marum prabhatham vannidum
Dheshanathin avadhiyin nal kazhinjidum
Nischayam zionil ninnutharam varum

Nischayam zionil ninnutharam...
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