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Paadum Njan Yeshuvinu (പാടും ഞാൻ യേശുവിനു)

Last updated on October 30th, 2022 at 06:33 am

Paadum Njan Yeshuvinu (പാടും ഞാൻ യേശുവിനു)

Songwriter/Translator/Composer P V Thommi

C           F      C
Paadum njan yeshuvinu
       F       G#     C
Jeevan povolam nandiyode

C                               Gm
Paadum njanennakatharilanudinam vazhum
      F      C
Shree yeshuvinai
    F       C        Fm
Oru kedum kudathenne paalikum
C       G#           F      C
Nadhane    paadi sthuthikumennum

Kattolivin shaka aayirunna ennil nalla bhalam
Nirappan avan vettiyanachenne nallovin
Tharuvodathu chithichennum

Kanmani polenne bhadramay nityavum kaval
Cheythedamennum thante kannu kondenne
Nadathidamennathum oorthathimodamode
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