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Sthothram Yeshuve (സ്തോത്രം യേശുവേ)

Last updated on July 3rd, 2022 at 03:29 pm

Sthothram Yesuve Sthothram Yesuve - Malayalam Christian Song

F              Gm  C             Gm
Sthothram Yeshuve sthothram Yeshuve
      F              Gm        
Ninne maathram nandhiyode
      C               F
Ennum vaazhthy paadum njan

Dhasanam enne naashamakattan
Nara veshamay avatharicha
Daiva jaathane

Paapathinnude shapa shikshayay
Daiva kopatheeyil ventherinja
Jeeva nadhane

Shathruvam enne nin puthranakkuvan
Ennil chertha nin krupakkanantham
Sthothram Yeshuve

Aarthikal theertha karuna samudrame
Ninne sthothram cheyvan enne ennum

Jeeva nadhane Deva nandhana
Ninte jeevanennil thannathinal
Sthothram Yeshuve

Naasha lokathil dhasanam enne
Sal prekashamay nadathidenam
Yeshu nadhane
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