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Yeshuve Nin Thiru Padham Namiche (യേശുവേ നിൻ തിരു പാദം നമിച്ചേ)


Songwriter/Composer/Translator Unknown

F                 Bb
Yeshuve nin thiru padham namiche
Dm                 C
Nee mathi nee mathiye
Eppozhum ninne 
Dm        A
Paadi sthuthichal 
Gm        C       F
Aanandham aanandhame
       Bb         Dm
Nallavane vallabhane 
        Gm   C         F
Aaradhyane     aaradhyane

Nee cheytha nanmakal oronnum orthal
Ullam nirayunnathaal 
Parishudha raktham
Enperkkai chinthi
Nanni nanni naadha
Parishudhane yeshu naadha
Aaradhyane aaradhyane 

Enthenthu bhaarangal jeevithe vannalum
Ninne piriyukilla 
En jeevan ninnil arpikkum naadha 
Nischayam nischayame 
Rakshakane yeshu naadha
Aaradhyane aradhyane
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