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Yeshuve Nin Thiru Padham Namiche

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F                         Dm
Yeshuve Nin Thiru Padham Namiche
Am                   C
Nee Mathi Nee Mathiye... [2]
Bb          Eb
Eppozhum Ninne 
Dm        A
Paadi Sthuthichal 
Dm          Bb          F
Aanandham Aanandhame...[2]

       Bb     F            Am A Dm
C        G C  F     Dm Bb F
Aaradhyane...Aaradhyane.. [2] 

Nee Cheytha Nanmakal Oronnum 
Orthal Ullam Nirayunnathaal [2] 
Parishudha Raktham Enperkkai 
Chinthi Nanni Nanni Naadha[2] 
Naadha Aaradhyane...Aaradhyane..[2] 

Enthenthu Bhaarangal Jeevithe 
Vannalum Ninne Piriyukilla...[2] 
En Jeevan Ninnil Arpikkum Naadha 
Nischayam Nischayame..[2] 
Rakshakane... Yeshu Naadha... 
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