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Karuna Nidhiye Kalvari Anpe (കരുണാനിധിയെ കാൽവറി അൻപേ)
Karunanidhiye Kalvari Anpe Song Lyrics [Viswasa Songs] Song-3

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Traditional

Dm             A       Dm
Karuna nidhiye kalvari anpe
Dm        Bb   C
A                 Dm
Nee mathram aanenikkadharam

Dm           F       Bb
Krupayekanam krupa nidhiye
C       G     Dm
Krupa nidhiye krupa nidhiye
Dm             A       Dm
Munpe poya nin pinpe gemippan
Dm        Bb   C
A                Dm
Nee mathram anenikkadharam

Thatha ninnishtam mannil njan cheivan
Thannil vasippan unnatham cheran
Thyagam cheyunni pazhmanninasa
Odunnu nadine prapippan

Ennen zione chennangu kanum
Annen kanneerum marum kananil
Bhakthar srevikum karthru kahalam
Vyekthamai kanum en rekshakane
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