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Penthicostu Naallil (പെന്തക്കുസ്താ നാളിൽ)

Penthakustha Nalil | പെന്തക്കുസ്താ നാളിൽ | CandlesBand | Christian Devotional Songs

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Unknown

Gm                 Eb
Penthicostu naalil munmazha peyaicha
C              D7          Gm
Parama pithave pinmazha nalka
Bb                F
Munmazha nalkenam malinnyam marenam
Gm                D7         Gm
Nin janam unarnnu vela cheyyuvan

Muttolamalla arayolam pora
Valiyoru jeevanadi-yozhukan
Neendiyittallathe kadappan vayyatha
Neerurava innu thuraka nadha

Sainyathale alla shakthialumalla
Daivathinte athma shakthialathre
Aarthu padi sthuthikkam hallelujah padam
Aanikkallu kayattam daivasabha paniyam 
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