Pranapriya Yeshunaadha

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     A             D                
Pranapriya Yeshunaadha 
         E       A
jeevan thanna snehame
 A                D   
Nashtamayi poya enne 
   E                  A
ishtanakki theertha naadha

        A              D           
Ente sneham ninakku maathram 
       Bm        C#m
vere aarum kavarukilla
    A                  D           
Entethellam ninakku maathram 
     E              A
enne muttum tharunnitha

Ente dhanavum manamellam
Ninte mahimakai mathram
Loka sneham thedukilla
Jeevikum njan ninakay mathram

Thallapetta enne ninte
Paithalaki theerthuvallo
Ente papam ellam poki
Enne muzhuvan soukyamaki
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