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Ellam Ellam Dhanamalle (എല്ലാം എല്ലാം ദാനമല്ലേ)

Ellam Ellam Dhanamalle | Rev Sajan P. Mathew | Elizabeth Raju | Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Rev Sajan P Mathew

D           F#m    A
Ellam ellam dhanamalle
G               D
Ithonnum entethalla
D           F#m      A
Ellam ellam thannathalle
G                      D
Ithonnum njan nediyathalla
Bm       D       C      D
Jeevanum jeeva niyogangalum
Bm       D        C       D
Prannaum prana prebhavangalum
G                   C
Nadha nin dhivyamam dhanangalalle
Em       A      D
Ithonnum entethalla

Nimishangalil oro nimishangalum
     G          Em        A        D
Enne pothiyunna nin jeeva kiranangalum
Oru maathra polum piriyathe enne
A                   D
Karuthunna snehavum dhanamalle

Ellam ellam dhanamalle...

Bandhangalil ente karmangalil
Enne nin jeeva sakshiyay nirtheeduvan
Paripaavanthmavin vara dhanamennil
Pakarunna snehavum dhanamalle

Ellam ellam dhanamalle...
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