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Ente Yeshu Rajave (എന്റെ യേശു രാജാവെ)

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Ente Yeshu Rajave - Malayalam Christian Song - lyrics in description
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G              Em
Ente yeshu rajave
 G               Am
Ennum sthuthikum njan
Ente jeevan thannavane 
Am         D     G      
Sthuthikum njan ennum
G    C         G
Ente yeshu rajave

  G          Em
Aaradhikkum ennalum njan
   G               Am
Samboorna hridayamode
Sthuthi sthothravum
Ella pukazhchayum
 A    D        G
Ennum ninaku mathram

Ente yeshu rajave...

Anandavum jaya jeevanum
Tharumen prabho naadha
Veezhunnore than 
Pon karangalal
Thaangi nadathunone

Ente yeshu rajave...
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