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Sarvashakthan (സർവ്വശക്തൻ)
Sarvashakthan ft. Viju Jeremiah Traven | Worship Series | Crown Collective © 2024

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Nikos Politis, Sheela James
Malayalam version of Greek: Ise Esi O Pandodynamos Theos
English version: You’re The Almighty God

Em  C  Am  Em

Em             C      Bm            
  Parishudhan athyunnathan
Em          C       Bm       
  Sarvavum ulavaakkiyon
Em          C     D         C  B
Parishudhan ennum mahimayil vaazhum
Em                C         Bm
  Daivathin puthrenaam Yeshuve
Em             C       Bm
  Aaraadhana angekkaathmaave
Em     C      D    C    B
Yogyan yogyan sarvasreshtan

Em    C             Am            Em
  Angumaathram sarvashakthan Daivame (4x)

C      Am   Em     G
Parishudhan parishudhan
Em            Bm   D
Sarvashakthan Daivame
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