Orthidumbol Albhuthame

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Orthidumpol athbhuthame ' - Melodious Malayalam christian song / Anil Adoor
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Lyrics/Composition: Anil Adoor

B           E      B
Njanum ente kudumbavum
                E       B
Ninathala yeshu nirthiyada
            E     B
Taalladiyai poyidathe
            E         B
Thangi enne than bhujathal

B       F#  D#m     E
Orthidumbol albhuthame
B        F# D#m     E
B    F#   E   G#m  F#   D#m
Ha...llelujah ha...llelujah
B    F#   E   G#m  F#   D#m
Ha...llelujah ha...llelujah

Appanamma ariyum mumbe
Nithyathayil kandu enne
Ente bhavi thathan kayyil
Enne potti pularthidum

Athiyillathellum bheethiyilla
Athyanum yeshu anthyanume
Hallelujah hallelujah

Swanthabandham kaivittalum
Jeevan thana yeshu undu
Nalki ennil abhishekam
Athu thane ennum ente belam

Abhishekam en sampathane
Thulyam chollan veronnumille
Hallelujah hallelujah
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