Unarvin Prabhuve Unarvin Raaja

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C                        F
Unarvin prabhuve unarvin raaja
Dm     G       C
Vannidane dhayavaai
Dm    G        C
Ezhakalin sabhayil

C          F          G
Urakkathil kidakkum janam
C       G         C
Marannu thirukrupakal
Dm                G                C
Purva pithakkalil pakarnna nin'unarvine
C         F       C
Pakaranam aathmanadha

Vettayaal odithalarnna
Pedamaan pol'itha najaan
Varunnu aadharavaal
Thirusavidhe-aaswaasa dhaayakane

eevitha klesangalaam van
Thellum thalaraathe dhairyamai
Jayippan sakthiye pakarnnidane

Aakaassa meghangalil
Angaye modhamaai swaagatham
Cheivaan najangale orukkename
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