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Karuthunnavan Njanallayo (കരുതുന്നവൻ ഞാനല്ലയോ)

Last updated on January 29th, 2021 at 08:04 pm

Karuthunnavan Njanallayo | കരുതുന്നവൻ ഞാനല്ലയോ | CandlesBandKottayam

Songwriter/Translator/Composer M T Jose

D             F#m
Karuthunnavan njanallayo
Em                 D
Kalangunnathentinu nee
F#m        A           D
Kannuneerinte thazhvarayil
         A            D
kaividukayilla njan ninne

D           A
Abrahaminte Dhaivamallayo
G                         D
Albhutham njan cheykayillayo
G             D
Chengadalilum vazhy thurappan
A                     D
Njanennum shakthanallayo

Yellavarum ninee marannal
Njan ninne maranneedumo
Ente karathil ninne vahichu
Ennum nadatheedum dharayil

Ente mahathwam Kannuka nee
Ente Kayyil tharika ninne
Ente shakthy njan ninnil pakarnnu
Ennum nadatheedum dharayil
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