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Yeshuve Sarvesha Soonuve

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Am                 C
Yeshuve sarvesha soonuve
Am    F                  Am          E
Vishwaprakaashame nee nayikkoo
G                    C
Kristhuve vedaantha kaathale
Am                    E             Am
Shoonyamen maanasam nee niraykkoo

Am          E   C              Dm
Neerchaalukal thedi varum
Am         F   E               Am
Maanpeda pol njaan varunnu (Neerchaalukal)
Am                  F    E
Snehame vattaatha snehame
Am           E             F               Am
Theeraatha daahamaay njaan varunnu (Snehame)

Vaanile maadhurya sindhu nee
Aananda then puzhayinnozhukkoo (Vaanile)
Neeyallo jeevan neeyallo sathyam
Nee thaan prakaasham yeshumaheshaa

Jeevadaathaa sneharaajaa
Aathma naadhaa nee varika (Jeeva)
Ennil vasikkoo enne nayikkoo
Ninnil njaan ennennum
Onnaay bhavippoo (Ennil)
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