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Yeshu Oru Vaathil Thurannaal

Yeshu Oru Vaathil Thurannal | Malayalam Worship Song | Lordson Antony | Sabu Cherian | 4K ©

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Sabu Cherian

Fm                Eb
Yeshu Oru Vaathil Thurannaal
Db      Eb       Fm
Aarkkum Adappaan Aavukillaa
Fm                Cm
Yeshu Oru Vaathil Adachal
Db      Eb        Fm
Aarkkum Thurappan Aavukillaa

Fm                    Cm
Thuranthidume Vaathil Thuranthidume
Bb        Eb      Fm
Enikkyaai Vaathil Thuranthidume
Fm                 Cm
Adachidume Vaathil Adachidume
Bb       Eb      Fm
Vairiyin Vaathil Adachidume

Yeshu Oru Vaathil...

Fm              Eb
Sathru Oru Vazhiyaai Vannaal
Bb    Eb        Fm
Yeshu Vazhiyaai Chitharikkume
Fm               Ab
Bharangal Eridum Velakalil
Bb        Eb       Fm
Than Krupayal Enne Thunachidume

Yeshu Oru Vaathil...

Thamra Kathakukal Thakarthidume
Dhurghadam Ellaam Nirappakkume
Yeriho Mathilum Jordhanum
Oronnai Vazhi Mattidume

Yeshu Oru Vaaku Paranjaal
Aarkkum Ethirppan Aavukillaa
Yeshu Viduthal Ayachaal
Aarkkum Thadayaan Aavukillaa
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