Sthuthikalinmel Vasikunnavane

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F           Bb    C        Dm
Sthuthikalinmel vasikunnavane
Bb      Gm         C7    F
sarva mahathwathin yehovaye
Dm  C      Bb          F
padume nin dayaye dhinavum
Gm    F       C       F
paridathil en yathrayathil
F                Dm
Paradhesiyai jan parkunna veettil
Gm                C      F
ninte mozhikal enikennum keerthanam
Bb           F              C
ente asrayam ninnilennumullathal
Gm        F           C             F
klesangal marannu jan viruthinai odunnu

Kannuneer kanumpol manasaliunna
karunain kannulla karunnyavarithe
ente daivavum sashwatha parayume
ninnil njan marayunnu saswatha rekshakai

Prelobhanangalum prethikoola kattukalum
vishwasa jeevithathil aanjadichidumpol
vishwasa nayaka ninnil mathram nokki jan
visramamillathe viruthinai odunnu
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