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Loke Njan En Ottam Thikechu (ലോകേ ഞാൻ എൻ ഓട്ടം തികച്ചു)

    A       C#m        F#m
Loke njan en ottam thikechu
       D    E        A
Swarga gehe viruthinayi
                  F#m    A
Parannidum njan maruroopamay
    E                 A
Paraneshu raajan sannidhou

Dhootha sangham aakave
D        A
Enne ethirelkkuvan
      F#m         Bm     E
Sadha sannadharay ninnidunne
        F#m          C#m
Shubhra vasthra dhariyay
     Dm          A
Ente priyante munpil
     F#m   E        A
Hallelujah paadidum njan

Erenalai kanmanasayai
Kathirunna ente priyane
Thejasode njan kanunna neram

Dhootha sangham...

Nathan perkai seva cheithathal
Thathanenne manikuvanai
Tharumororo behumanangal
Vilangeedum kiridangalai

Dhootha sangham...

Neethimanmaraya sithanmar
Jeevanum verutha veeranmar
Veenakalendi ganam padumpol
Njanum chernnu padidume

Dhootha sangham...

Kaikalal theerka pedathatham
Puthu salem nagaramathil
Sadakalam njan manavattiai
Paranodu kude vazhume
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