Daivathal Asadhyamayath Onnumillallo

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F                      C
Daivathal asadhyamayathonnumillallo
Gm                            F
Yehovaku kazhiyatha karyamillallo
F                               Gm
Yeshuvinte naamathil saukyamundallo
Bb         F          C        F
Yeshuvinte rekthathal jayamundallo

F            Am          Bb          F
Vishwasichal daivathinte mahathwam kanam
Gm            Eb          C           F
Prarthikumpol daivathinte prevarthi kanam
F           Am          Bb         F
Aaradhichal daivathinte viduthal kanam
Gm         Eb          C          F
Aasraichal daivathinte karuthal kanam

Abraham Yehovayil viswasichappol
Daivamathu neethiyai kanakittallo
Athimahathaya prethibhalam koduthu
Behu jathikalku pithavakki theerthallo

Issahakkin prarthanaku marupadiyai
Noorumeni nalki daivam anugrehichu
Vagdathangal niravetti paripalichu
Thalamurakal nalki anugrahichu

Yakobum daivathe aaradichappol
Yehovaku thakka mahathwam koduthappol
Yabokkenna kadavil anugrehamai
Israyel enna behumanam labhichu
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