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En Premageethamam

   G          Em
En premageethamam
   Am        D
En Yeshunada nee
   G    C Am D
En jeevanekalum nee
C     D      G

G      C     Am     Bm
Aaradhana... aaradhana...
Em     Am    D      G
Aaradhana... aaradhana...

         G           Em
Thullyam chollan aarumille
    Am        G
Angepole Yeshuve
     C         Em      Am
Jeevane swanthame ange marvil
D         G
Charunnu njan


Angeppole snehichedaan
Aavathilla aarkume
Snehame premame ange maarvil
Charunnu njan

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