Nadathidunnu Daivamenne

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E            B          E        B
Nadathidunnu Daivamenne nadathidunnu
E           B                  E   B    E
Naal thorum than krupayal enne nadathidunnu
Bhaumika naalukal theerum vare
Bhadramay paalikkum paraman enne
Bharamilla thellum bheethiyilla
Bhaviyellam avan karuthikkollum

E                       B
Aarilum en mano bharangale
E                  B     E
Ariyunna vallabhan undenikku
E                    B
Aakulathil ente vyakulathil
E                      B
Aaswasamavan enikkekidunnu 
Iravum pakalum enni vasichidunnu
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