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Nadathidunnu Daivamenne (നടത്തിടുന്നു ദൈവം എന്നെ)


Songwriter/Composer/Translator Evg Charles John
Hindi translation of this song: Le Chalta Hai

F            Am         Bb       C
Nadathidunnu Daivamenne nadathidunnu
F           Gm        Dm       C        F
Naal thorum than krupayal enne nadathidunnu

                  Gm        C
Bhaumika naalukal theerum vare
Dm        Am        Bb       F
Bhadramay paalikkum paraman enne
                   Dm       C
Bharamilla thellum bheethiyilla
Gm     Am        Bb        F
Bhaviyellam avan karuthikkollum

Nadathidunnu Daivamenne...

Kurirul thingidum pathakallil
Kutukar vittupom velakallil
Kutinavan ente kude varum
Kudara maravil ennabhayam tharum

Nadathidunnu Daivamenne...

Aarilum en mano bharangale
Ariyunna vallabhan undenikku
Aakulathil ente vyakulathil
Aaswasamavan enikkekidunnu

Nadathidunnu Daivamenne...

Shodhanayal ullam thakarnnidilum
Vadhanayal kankal niranjidilum
Aanandamam paramanandamam
Anantha santhoshathin jeevithamam

Nadathidunnu Daivamenne...
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