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Sthuthippeen Sthuthipeen

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Sthuthippeen sthuthipeen
        A            D
Ennum sthuthicheeduveen
     G             D           A
Yesu rajadhi rajavine
   D            A                 G         A
Ee paarthaltthil srishti karthenavan
     D              A              D
Ente ullathil vannathinaal

   D          G                    D
Aa aanandame...  paramanandame
         D          A        D
Ethu swargeeya santhoshame Eee
Paarthalathil srishti karthenavan
Ente ullathil vannathilnaal

Aven varunna nalil
Ente karam pidichu
Thante marvvodanacheedume
Aa samoohamathil
Annu karthenumay
Aartthu khoshikkum

Aa aanandame... 

En papangale
Muttum kazhukeeduvan
Than jeevane nalkiyavan
Veendum vannedume
Megha vahanathil
Kodakodi than

Aa aanandame... 

Kankal kodicheedunne
Ullam thudicheedunne
Nadha ninnude varavinayi
Paaril kashttathakal
Aerum dinam thorume
Kantha vegam nee

Aa aanandame...
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