Nalloru Desham

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Lyrics:Music: Wilson Chennanattil

F              C
Nalloru desham
Ethra sundhara desham
Namuku yeshu orukum
Oru shaswatha bhavanam

F                 Dm Am
Avide nam paarkum
F                 Dm Am
Nithyamaya vaasam
F                 Bb Gm
Avide nam kellkum
F                  C7 F
Hallelujah geetham

Nalloru desham...

Annu nammall paadum
Santhoshathin geetham
Annu nammal kaannum
Swargeeya sawbhagyam

Nalloru desham...

Kashttathayum illa

Nalloru desham...
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