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Seeyon Sainyame Unarneeduvin (സീയോൻ സൈന്യമേ ഉണർന്നീടുവിൻ)

Seeyon sainyame |സീയോൻ സൈന്യമേ |TPM Sangeetha susrusha song 561

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Unknown

G            Em    D
Seeyon sainyame unarneeduvin
            C             Am           G
Poruthu nee Jayam edutthu viruthu prapippam

G    Am       C      G
Kelkarai than kahala dhwani
         C      D           G
Naam pogarai ee parthalam vittu
D             G
Thejasserum pure

Sarvaayudhangal dharichiduka
Dushtanodethirthu ninnu vijayam neduvaan

Kelkarai than kahala...

Kristhesuvinai kashtam sahichor
Nithya nithya yugangal vazhum swarga seeyonil

Kelkarai than kahala...

Prathyasha ennil vardichidunne
Angu chennu kaanuvaanen priyan ponmugam

Kelkarai than kahala...

Aanandhame nithyaandame
Kanthanodu vazhum kalam ethra aanandam

Kelkarai than kahala...
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