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Krupayerum Karthavilen (കൃപയേറും കർത്താവിലെൻ)

കൃപയേറും കർത്താവിലെൻ | Kripayerum Karthavilen | M E Cherian | Christian Devotional Songs Malayalam

Songwriter/Composer/Translator M E Cherian

E             C#m       B
Krupayerum karthavil en viswasam
                       C#m   E
Athinal hruthy enthu nallaswasam
Durithangal nirayumee bhoovaasanam
Krupayal manoharamay

E                 B          F#m
Krupa krupa onnen aasreyamay Hallelujah
B                 E
Krupa krupa onnen aanandhamay
                 F#m      A
Varikal vannalum ethiruyarnnalum
B7          E
Krupa mathy ennalum

Belaheenathayil nalla belamekum
Marubhoomiyil aanandha thanalakum
Irul paathayil anudinam oli nalkum
Krupa onnen aasreyamay

Ente thazhchayil avanenne orthallo
Khora vairiyil thalavan thakarthallo
Thante kaikalil avanenne cherthallo
Sthothra geetham paadidum njan

Prethikoolanagal anavadhi vannalum
Anukoolam enikkavan ennalum
Thiru jeevane thannavan ini melum
Krupayal nadathumenne
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