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Kaanthaneshu Vaanameghe (കാന്തനേശു വാനമേഘേ)

Kaanthan Yeshu | Anna Baby | Reji Abraham | Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs | Nokkipparkkunne

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Reji Abraham

Kaanthaneshu vaanameghe
Db         B
Vegam vannidum
Aakulangalilla naattil
Namme cherthidum

Gb          B   Db        Gb
Nokkipparkkunne ikshithiyathil
B         Db              Gb
Ennu vannidum enne cherkkuvan

Gb                    B
Rogam dukhamillaa nadathil
Db                    Gb
Kannuneerillatha veedathil
Halleluah paadi sannidhou
Db                      Gb
Nithyakalam koode vaazhuvan


Veedorukki vegam vannidum
Ennuracha athmanadhane
Ivide kayari varuvinennatham
Daivasabdam kaathu parkkunne


Yudhangal avidavideyay
Ottam odi vela thikekkam
Vilakkil enna nirachu kaathidam

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