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Shree Yeshu Naamam Athishayanamam (ശ്രീ യേശുനാമം അതിശയനാമം)

Sreeyesu Namam | Manorama Music | Traditional Christian

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Traditional

Dm                  C
Shree yeshu naamam athishaya naamam
Gm              Dm
Ezha enikimpa namam

Dm                C
Ella namathilum melaya namam
Gm                        Dm
Bhakthar jenam vazhthum namam
F                C
Ella muzhankalum madangidum thirumunpil
Gm                   Dm
Vallabhathwam ulla namam

Ennamilla papam ennil ninnu neekan
Ennil kaninja namam
Annyanenna melezhuthu ennekumai
Maichu thanna unnathante vannya namam

Papa pariharartham pathakare thedi
Paridathil vanna namam
Papamatta jeevithathin mathrukaye kattithanna
Vavanamam punnya namam
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