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Enikkai Karuthunnavan (എനിക്കായ് കരുതുന്നവൻ)

Enikkay Karuthunnavan | RSV | Madhu Balakrishnan | Manorama Music

Songwriter/Composer/Translator RSV

F                 Gm
Enikkai karuthunnavan
C                    F
Bhaarangal vahikkunnavan
Enne kaividaatthavan
C                F
Yeshu en koodeyundu

F                     Bb
Pareeksha ente Daivam anuvadichaal
Gm                  C           F
Parihaaram enikkayi karutheettundu
                       Gm  Eb
Enthinennu chodikkilla njaan
     Bb          C         F
Ente nanmakkayennariyunnu njan

Eri-theeyil veenaalum
Avide njaan ekanalla
Veezhunnatho theeyil alla-En
Yeshuvin karangalilaam

Pareeksha ente Daivam...

Ghoramaam shodhanayin
Aazhangal kadanneedumpol
Njaanavan karangaliaam

Pareeksha ente Daivam...

Daivam enikkanukoolam
Athu nannay ariyunnu njaan
Daivam anukoolam enkil
Aar enikkethiraayidum

Pareeksha ente Daivam...

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