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He Rakshayaam Divya Snehakadale (ഹേ രക്ഷയാം ദിവ്യ സ്നേഹകടലേ)

Jassie Gift | He Rakshayam Divya | Divine musics | Malayalam christian devotional song

Songwriter/Composer/Translator William Booth

   G          C        G   F   C
He rakshayaam divya sneha--kadale
    D        F       Am    Cm
Kristhesu nalkum karunapurame
   Em        B7      C       A
Saujanyamaay lokathe veendavane
   G         D
Pravaaham en mel
       F         C 
Nin pravaaham en mel
       Am        G
Nin pravaaham en mel
 F  G   D   G

En paapam anekam karayadhikam
Njan veezhthidum kanneerr kaipperiyatham
Vyardham  en kanneer rakthasaagarame
Pravaaham en mel
Nin pravaaham en mel
Nin pravaaham en mel  

Pareekshakalum bhayavum hethuvaay
En jeevitham khedavum shoonyavumaay
Prathyaasayenikkundu  nallathinaay
Pravaaham en mel
Nin prravaaham en mel
Nin pravaaham en mel  

Krupaakadale ninte theerathu njaan
Anekanaal aakaamshayode ninne
Madangukilinnividunnini njaan
Pravaaham en mel
Nin pravaaham en mel
Nin pravaaham en mel 
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