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Vishvasathil Ennum Munnerum Njaan (വിശ്വാസത്തിൽ എന്നും മുന്നേറും)

Vishwasathil ennum munnerum njan with Lyrics | RSV | Kuttiyachan

Songwriter/Composer/Translator R S Vijayaraj

D                  F#m
Vishvasathil ennum munnerum njaan
G                  Bm         D
Vishvasathal ellam cheithidum njaan
G                 F#m
Onnum asadhyamaai illente munpilini
A     A7    D
Jayam enikunde

D                        A
Njanottum pinmaruka illa vishwasa
           Bm            D
Chuvadukal munnotte munnotte
G                    D
Aarellam ethirthalum enthellam bhavichalum
A      A7      D
Pinmarukillini njan
D                 A
Athikarathode ini kalppikum njan
      Bm               D
Prethikoolangal maaripokum
G                 F#m
Onnum asadhyamaai illente munpilini
A     A7    D
Jayam enikunde

Anartham undennu njan bhayappedilla
Tholvi varumennu njan bhayappedilla
Shathru jaikumenno bhavi nashikumenno
Ini mel jan bhayappedilla

Rogathino ini shaapathino
Paapathino njanadheenanalla
Sathanya saktiyinmel shapam than
Balathinmel jayam enikkundu Njanottum
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