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Daivathin Naamathil Naam

Last updated on July 6th, 2022 at 07:43 pm

Daivathin naamathil naam
Chernnidum samayangalil
Dm                   C
Modhamaai dhyanichidaam - thante
G                  C
Van krupakal dhinavu

Kunnukalakanneedilum - mahaa
Am                   C
Parvatham maareedilum
       F                   C
Thante dhyayennum shaswathame
       G              C
Than - makkalkkaasrayame


Seeyonilavan namukkaai adhi
Sreshttamam moolakkallai
Thannodu chernnu naamum
Thante - jeevakallukalaayeedaam


Karthan than varavin naalil
Thante kaanthyayam namme cherthidum
Ente kannu neerellam thudackkum
Thante maarvodu cherthidume

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