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Ente Sangethavum Balavum (എന്‍റെ സങ്കേതവും ബലവും)

Ente Sankethavum Balavum | Malayalam Christian Song ✨

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Charles John

E            A       E
Ente sangethavum balavum 
     G#m    A        Bsus B
Eattavum adutha thunayum
     E      C#m       F#m    E
Eathorapathilum eathu nerathilum
   C#m          B     E
Enikkennumen Daivamathre

Irul thingidum paathakalil
Karal vingidum velakalil
Arikil varuvan krupakal tharuvan
Aarumillithu poloruvan

Ella bharangalum chumakkum
Ennum thangiyenne nadathum
Karthan than karathal kannuneer thudakkum
Kaathu paalikkum enne nithyam

Ithra nallavanam priyane
Idharayil ruchichariyan
Idayaayathinal oduvil vareyum
Iniyenikkennum than mathiyam

Enne than arikil cherkkuvan
Ethrayum vegam vannidum than
Puthanam bhavanam ethy vishramippan
Aarthiyode njan kaathirippoo
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