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Yeshuvin Koodulla Vaasam (യേശുവിൻ കൂടുള്ള വാസം)

Last updated on October 21st, 2021 at 04:13 pm

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Songwriter/Translator/Composer Dr Binu Mary Joseph, Pr John Varghese

Yeshuvin koodulla vaasam
A                D
Ha ethra aanandhame
Nathan koodulla yaanam
A               D
Ha ethra saayujame

    D           A    D
Nin paathayil nadannidan
Nalkuka nin kripa
   G           D         A         D
Ee yaatrayil vizhathenne kaathidename
Odi njan ottam thikachidan 
Nalkuka nin balam
Jeeva keeredam prapippan
Nalla por poruthidan


Ekidam njanum sarvavum
Nin hitham niraveruvan
Menanjidukenne  dinam thorum
Nin eshta paatramay

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