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Ninte Mahathvamaneka Lakshyam (നിന്‍റെ മഹത്വമാണേക ലക്ഷ്യം)
Ninte Mahatwamaneka Lakshyam | Official | Philip K Andrews| J-Productions© 2022.

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Philip K Andrews

Ninte mahathvamaneka lakshyam
     B                 C#
Ente jeevithathil yeshuve
Ninte mahimakkaay ente jeevan
      B              C#
Ennum arppanam cheyyume
    F#            B
Nee valaraan ezha kurrayan
        C#                 F#
Krushin maravil njan marayatte

       F#             A#m
Swayam uyarthaan peru valarthan
      B              C#
Jadam erre shramikkumpol
Mannin manam neduvanaay
    B          C#
Manamake vempumpol
    D#m           C#
Kurisholam thaana devaa
      G#m                F#
Ninne mathram njan dhyanikkum

Ninte mahathvamaneka...

Onnu mathrraman ente aasha
Ninnepole njan aakanam
Mannil enikkullayussellam
Thiru hithathil pularanam
Ninte bhavam ninte rupam
Ennil ennennum nirrayanam

Ninte mahathvamaneka...

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