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Devadhi Devan Nee Rajadhirajan (ദേവാധി ദേവൻ നീ രാജാധിരാജൻ)

Devadhi Devan | Immanuel Henry | Nithya Mammen | Blemin Babu | Sinai Media Ministries

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Evg Paulose Thudiyan

D         G     F#m
  Devadhi devan nee
D        G     F#m
  Rajadhirajan nee

D       G         A      D
Devadhi devan nee rajadhirajan
G          D   F#m    A       D
Duthenmanr ra--ppakal vazthidunnon
D        G        A      D
Mannilum vinnilum aaradyanam nee
G  A      Bm        A        D
U--nnatha nandhanen nee yogyanam

Em        G       F#m       A
Nee ennum yogyan, nee ennum yogyan
F#m       G       A        D
Daivathin kunjade nee yogyanam
D         G           A        D
Sthothram sthuthi behumanangal ellam
G   A   Bm        A        D
Sweekarippanennum nee yogyanam

Nee ennum yogyan...

Swarga sukham vedinjen papam therpan
Daivathin kunjadai bhuvil vannu
Nee arukapettu nin ninam chinthi
Veendeduthenneyum nee yogyanam

Nee ennum yogyan...

Krushila kurirulil ekanai
Daivathal kayvidappettavanai
Nee sahichu daiva krodhamathellam
En papam mulamay nee yagamai

Nee ennum yogyan...

Pathakar madyathil pathakanepol
Papamay thernu nee krushathinmel
Nee marichu ente papangal pokki
Enthoru snehame ne yogyanam

Nee ennum yogyan...
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