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En Sankadangal Sagalavum

F                        C         Bb
En sankadangal sagalavum theernu poyi
C                    F
Samhara doothan enne kadanapoyi

F                   Bb      F
Kunjattinde vilayeriya ninnathil
C            F         C        F
Maranju njan rakshikapattakshanathil

En sankadangal sagalavum

Maruvilen daivam enikadhipathiye
Tharumavan puthu manna athumathiye
Maraye madhuramaaki theerkum avan
Paraye pillarnu daaham thirkum avan

En sankadangal sagalavum

Pharavonnu njan inneem adimayala
Parama sionil njan anyannala
Manoharamaya kanaan deshame
Athe enikkazhiyathoravakashme

En sankadangal sagalavum

Aandame paramaanandame
Kanaan jeevitham enikkanandame
Ente balavum ente sankethavum
En rakshayum yeshu athre halleluah
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സത്യവേദപുസ്തകം - Malayalam Bible
पवित्र बाइबिल - Hindi Bible

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  1. Jeswin Alex John

    For the G Major scale in the 1st line theernu could be D chord and poyi can be c. It sounds way better like this on piano.

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