Paraparamesha Varamaruleesha

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Paraparamesha varamaruleesha
D            Em
Neeyathre en raksha sthanam

Em           G
Ninne kaanum janagalkku
Am            Em
Pinne dhukham onnumilla
Ninte ella nadathippum
Ente bhagya niravallo

Paraparamesha varamaruleesha...

Aadhiyinkal kayppakilum
Anthyamo madhuramathre
Karmeghathin ullilum njan
Minnum soorya shobha kaanum

Paraparamesha varamaruleesha...

Ninnodonnichulla vaasam
Ente kanneer thudachidum
Ninte mugha shobha moolam
Ente dhukham theernnu pokum

Paraparamesha varamaruleesha...
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