Yakobin Daivam Innum Namukkullavan

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E                      B                E
Yakobin davivam innum namukkullavan
E                      B              E
Namme-jeevaparyantham kaathidume
A                 F#m        E
Oro dhivasavum kripa-nalki namme
B                    E
Immanuvelavan thaan nadatheedume

Halleluyah avan aathmarakshakan
F#m                B            E
Halleluyah avan soukaydhaayakan
B                  E
Halleluyah shudha-athmadhaayakan name
E              B            E
Nithyathakkai orukeedume

Aazhiyil naam kadannu poyeedilum-athu
Namme kavingidaathe kaathidume
Theeyil naam aakilum jwaala namme thellum
Esaa-thimmaanuvel thaan nadatheedume

Saakshaal rogangal avan vahichathinaal
Ellaa vedanayum avan chumannathinaal
Adippinaraal avan soukyamakki innum
Immaanuvelavan thaan nadatheedume

Seeyon prayaanikale aanandippin-nammal
Dhukkavum neduveerpum oodeedume
Nithyaanandam nammil pakarnnu namme innum
Immaanuvelavan thaan nadatheedume

Jalasaaliyaayavan vanneedume ella
Prathiphalavu-mavan thannedume!
Innum immaanuve-lavan thaan nadatheedume 
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