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Athyunnathan Mahonnathan (അത്യുന്നതൻ മഹോന്നതൻ)

Athyunnathan | Jomon Philip | Mathew T John | Official Video Song | Malayalam Christian Worship Song

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Jomon Philip Kadampanad

Db             Fm
Athyunnathan mahonnathan
Gb   Ab    Db
Yeshuve neeye
Maanavum mahathwavum
Gb      Ab     Db
Ninakku maathrame

Ebm                Fm
Maaratha mithram yeshu
     Gb      Ab    Db
Ente devadhi devaneshu
Ebm       Fm       Ab
Nithyanam daivam yeshu
     Ebm    Fm      Gb
Ente rajadhirajan yeshu

Bbm            Fm    Db
Paadidum njaan ghoshikkum
    Gb     Eb    Ab
Nin naamam ethra unnatham
Bbm            Fm    Dbm
Paadidum njaan ghoshikkum
    Gb     Eb    Ab        Db
Nin sneham ethra madhuryam

Angaepole snehichidaan
Aarullu yeshuve
Aasrayippaan orae naamam
Yeshuvin naamamae
Nalla snehithanayi
Yeshu en koode ullathaal
Enthoranandhamae naathaa
Jeevitha saubhagyamae

Anthyatholam nin krooshintae
Vachanam Sakshippaan
Tharunnu njaan sambornnamaayi
Ninakkai shobhippan
Pakaru shakthi ennil
Naatha ninakkai poyidaan
Vishwastha dasanayi
Enae thrikkaiyyil tharunnitha
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