Njan Yahovaye Ellam Naallilum

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E                   A             E
Njan yahovaye ellam naallilum vazhthidum
E                       B            E
Than sthuthi epozhum en naavil mel unde
E          A                  E
Ende ullam yaahil prashansichidunnu
E        A           B       E
Ente manasam avannil anandikunnu

Thannil mathram nokidunnor sobhitharai theerum
Aayavar mugam thellum lejjikailla

Yah nallavan athe aaswathichariuvin
Thannil asraichidunnor bhagyam eriyor

Neethimanmaril apeksha kettidunnee daivam
Kashtathailutta sakhi utharikunnon

Manasam thakarnnavarku reksha nalkum daivam
Dhukithark aswasamekan kude undennum 
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