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Krushithane Mahonathane (ക്രൂശിതനെ മഹോന്നതനെ)

Krushithane Mahonnathane II Emie Mariam Damien II V.J.Traven Song Cover II

Songwriter/Composer/Translator V J Traven

Ab       Eb     Fm     Db
Krushithane   mahonathane
Bbm       Fm   Eb          Ab
Nithyanayone   njan nammikune
            Eb       Fm       Db
Njan aakunnavan njan aakunnavane
Bbm            Fm   Eb     Ab
Njan sthuthikkune   yeshuvine

Ab         Eb       Db
Nin sannidhyam yeshunatha
      Ab   Eb              Db
Ennil jeevashwasam nalkkum deva
        Gb                 Eb
Dhanyam ninne dhyanikkunee neram
     Fm  Eb  Db      Ab
Yeshuve...       nayaka

Enne thedi vanna natha
Njan ellam naalum ninne vazhthum
Ente dukham sarva maatum deva
Yeshuve nayaka

     Fm  Eb  Db      Ab
Yeshuve...       nayaka
       Fm  Eb  Db      Ab
O yeshuve...       nayaka
     Fm  Eb  Db      Ab
Yeshuve...       nayaka
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