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Yeshuvin Naamam En Prananu Reksha (യേശുവിൻ നാമം എൻ പ്രാണനു രക്ഷ)

Last updated on October 29th, 2022 at 02:49 pm

Yeshuvin Namam En Prananu Raksha | R S Vijayaraj | New Worship Song | Original Song by RSV

Songwriter/Translator/Composer R S Vijayaraj

E                  G#m     F#m
Yeshuvin naamam en prananu reksha
   B                B7      E
Kunjadin rektham en veedinu mudhra

E                   A      E
Maranju varum mahaa maarikale
F#m               B         E
Bhayppedilla naam bhayappedilla

Yeshuvin naamam...

Roga bhayam marana bhayam
Yeshuvin naamathil neengudatte

Yeshuvin naamam...

Anarthamonnum bhavikkayilla
Baadhayonnum veedinadukkayilla

Yeshuvin naamam...

Swargeeya senayin kaavalunde
Sarvaadhikaariyin karuthalunde

Yeshuvin naamam...

Vaazhthuka Yeshuvin naamathe naam
Marakkuka vyaadhiyin perukale

Yeshuvin naamam...
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