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Eppozhum Njan Santhoshikkum (എപ്പോഴും ഞാൻ സന്തോഷിക്കും)

Last updated on May 27th, 2022 at 12:36 pm

Eppozhum Njan Santhoshikkum || എപ്പോഴും ഞാൻ സന്തോഷിക്കും || V Nagel

Songwriter/Translator/Composer V Nagel

 D       A       D                        A   D
Eppozhum njan santhoshikkum-en yeshu ente ga--nam
      A     D                       A   D
Elladavum aagoshikum-en rakshakante da--nam

D            A    D               A  D
Yeshuve nee swargathil-ente namam ezuthi
      A  D                      A  D
aarum edukatha ee bhagyam en santhosham

Nin rajayathinorannynay-bhumiyil njan uzhannu
Nee vannathale dhanyanay-prveshanam nee thannu

Mathawmulla rakshaka nee thanne swarga vathil
Swargeeya geethangal itha dhwnikunnente kathil

Ee lokathil oor manavum-enikillenkilenthu
Swergeeya perum sthanavum-tharum en divya bendhu

Santhoshame santhoshame-en daivathnu sthothram
en jeevanm en yeshuve neeyum sthuthiku pathram
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